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The MultiPEN is an innovative RFID handheld reader that enables reading of passive RFID TAGs to be read with different frequency range combinations. The MultiPEN makes it possible to transfer read RFID tag data via Bluetooth to a host computer (tablet, laptop or smartphone). The read RFID tag data can also be transferred / read into the database of the device memory and transferred to the host computer later via Bluetooth or USB connection. Since a real-time clock is integrated, date and time can be automatically assigned to the read UID. The MultiPEN makes it easier for users to work and makes RFID applications in maintenance, inventory, guard control systems and logistics processes efficient due to its simple handling. RFID/NFC TAGs that are mounted close to each other or in places that are difficult to access can be easily identified due to the small size of the MultiPEN's reading tip.  There is optional versions available to read UHF as well.

HF RFID Reader, Bluetooth PEN, Multi RFID Radio


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